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You enrich your knowledge capital when you discover information. But it is the journey of its discovery that augments your insight.  Capturing, organizing, correlating, revealing, and leveraging this resource for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and society alike is at the core of our knowledge capital technology and services.

Typical search engines alone are not optimal for delivering relevant awareness. In fact, the concept of search implies that the user has a clear question, and expects in return the best singular answer. Because of this limited interaction and expectation, we often seek awareness elsewhere through research and discoveries. This makes us vulnerable to targeted search biases.

Our technology and services empower features that bridge the chasm that exists between search and awareness by:

  • Recognizing and capturing data stream patterns from your intranet, social media to the internet
  • Alerting you when the pattern changes
  • Clustering and visualizing the concepts that evolve in your unstructured data
  • Correlating the coincidences across your datasets
  • Detecting and comparing the commonality across datasets
  • Augmenting your data with advanced analytics and connecting it to other relevant sources


Cognitive intelligence is grounded in pattern detection. This is core to the way humans learn and apply insight in everyday situations. Pattern detection has typically been used to advancing analytics and complex neural network systems. Our unique approach allows us to mechanize pattern detection and visualization to assist discovery, awareness, and decisions.



The KeywordMeme™  (API)

The service ingests and transforms streams of unstructured data into a structured data set. The result is a collection of correlated, weighted, and clustered terms, referencing the sources, that improve analytics and applications that mitigate information overload through revealing patterns. It performs the intensive computation of our algorithm and the streaming information required to aggregate and correlate information from public or private sources.

The KeywordMeme™ API empowers features such as:

  • Information movement visualization
  • Trend analysis and pattern detection
  • Contextual search based on emerging themes
  • Next-generation discoverability for SEO
  • Correlation analysis
  • Semantic Web expansions from trending and evolving topics
  • Enterprise taxonomy expansion and emergence monitoring
  • Knowledge Management and contextual search deep indexing
  • Customer center trend analytics
  • Brand awareness and current event  analytics
  • Business Intelligence monitoring
  • Discovery of current trends without search ranking and biases interference

The Virtual Cortex

The Virtual Cortex project is based on a hyper-index architecture that organizes and reveals in the unstructured collective memory of an organization. It mines the deepest depths of the archives all the way to the latest emails sent. It makes these memories and the associations between them visible, indexed and discoverable while keeping access to the content itself at the discretion of stakeholders, reducing the complexity of preserving the integrity of mission-critical processes.  Contact us to find out more about this project.

Darwin Awareness Optimizer

The Darwin Awareness Optimizer (DAO) is a personal assistant that searches, correlates, reveals patterns, and curates the news, blogs, and tweets to bring real-time awareness to your topics of interest.

Tweather™ & TWEETZUP

This award-winning solution was developed using an innovative temporal organic curation algorithm, which does not depend on deterministic computing, such as semantic-based algorithms, to deliver a relevant result from chaotic streams of information.


BuzzTape is a ticker tape visualization of terms increasing and diminishing in an information stream curated and classified by the KeywordMeme™. It provides a rapid assessment of any live topic’s momentum in a news stream.
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