Business Capital Solutions

A Predictive Analytics Service for Business Users.

Through automation and use of its patented AI and ML technology, Predict delivers predictive insights to your business for an incredibly low monthly charge. Traditional models are expensive because they are created and developed by very expensive data scientists for specific business questions which require costly customization and weeks, if not months, to develop. With Predict, your business will have access to our SaaS solution at a fraction of the price of traditional approaches.


Product Overview
Navee Predict 

deliver better outcomes

Predict's auto AI combined with machine learning prediction technology can deliver insights on the following:
  • Sales predictions
  • Inventory requirement predictions to help maintain optimal inventory levels
  • More accurate supply chain forecasting & management
  • Invoice payment predictions
  • Improving marketing campaigns with targeted segmentation.

Key Benefits

Accurate Results
Continuously Updating Models
Intuitive and User-Friendly UI
Low Cost
AI Watson & Cloud Platform IBM Business Partner
A Wholly owned subsidiary of digimax
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